Mirego Corporate Social
Involvement Policy

Mirego recognizes the importance of its employees’ social commitment to an organization, project or cause. It supports its employees who volunteer in their community by providing flexible work schedules that enable them to fulfil their community involvement.

Mirego goes beyond supporting its employees’ individual commitments being an economic participant in its community. Whenever possible, Mirego is committed to supporting organizations, projects and initiatives that improve the quality of life of people in local and national communities where it operates business activities.

With this in mind, Mirego developed a well-defined selection criteria for its corporate social involvement program. Its initiatives assist various organizations from sectors that reflect its philanthropic goals and values.

Eligibility Criteria

In accordance with its core values, Mirego gives special attention to projects that:

Any application that does not meet the criteria will be automatically rejected.

Activity Sectors


Projects intended for a large number of young people (from infancy to adolescence), with a focus on prevention, development, learning, socialization and integration.

Social Entrepreneurship

Innovative projects (creation of a product, service or an exceptional event), that address a real need for a specific sector of the population or that provide a practical solution to a problem experienced by the community in the short, medium and long-term.


Projects that foster the parenting experience or improve the quality of life for many families in the community through an approach that incorporates information, support, enrichment and exchange.

Examples of projects that are not eligible:

Organizations, projects and events that have at least one (1) of the following characteristics are not eligible:

The applicant must use the help of Mirego to develop a strategic project that improves the quality of life of the community. In addition, the application must include a complete casebook that demonstrates the relevance and compliance of the project with Mirego’s values and the activity sectors mentioned above.

In very exceptional cases, Mirego reserves the right to waive the program criteria described herein for a special cause or project.